4 Common Myths in Cocktail Parties-Debunked

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Cocktail parties are fun, energetic, and before you know it, they end early. This is because these events are not actual parties, but are rather short and quick gatherings of people who share the same cause. These parties are made for the guests to socialize, and not necessarily to paint the town red like in birthdays or reunions. They are often associated with business-related objectives, thus the time spent on them is almost always limited.

There are also a lot of misconceptions when organizing cocktail parties. Hence, if you are tasked to host one in a few weeks’ time, then here are some myths that you have to understand:


  1. Cocktail parties only serve cocktails.

Many people think that cocktail drinks are the only consumables served during these parties, as well as finger food. While it is partly true at first, cocktail parties have actually evolved over time, and nowadays it is imperative that you serve at least a buffet (if not plated meals) during the event. This is because while most of your guests will be mingling with each other, they also have to sit down to eat and relax.

You can serve either a light lunch or dinner depending on what time the party is going to be held. Afterwards your guests may proceed with socializing until the event is over.

  1. These parties end at 2-3 hours max.

Well, this actually depends on the type of cocktail party that you are hosting. There are cocktail parties that last longer than 3 hours since they succeed an earlier event, such as a business launch or an inauguration. There are also cocktail gatherings that end within the said timeframe. It’s all a matter of organizing the flow of activities of the party, and there you can gauge whether two to three hours are enough to complete the event.

You may also want to consider the number of hours in which you can use the venue you chose for the occasion. For most half-day events such as cocktail gatherings, party venues in Singapore allow until 4 hours of occupancy in their packages. If you exceed the allotted timeframe, then you may have to pay for the extra hours.

  1. Cocktail events should be held only in closed doors.

While they are often regarded as private parties, cocktail events are not necessarily required to be held in closed doors. They can be hosted anywhere, even in open garden areas. However, since you are working with a guest list, you should be mindful of those entering the premises of the event and make sure that they were invited. This is the only reason closed-door venues have become a practical alternative.

If you want to hold your event at an open area, you may then have to coordinate with the venue’s security group to ensure your guest arrivals. Most party venues in Singapore do take note of the arriving guests to the events held in their areas, so it is best that you work this out with them as well.

  1. Cocktail parties are just for lunch or dinner.

While they are often held during these times of the day, you can actually host a cocktail party anytime you want. Some cocktail events are held in the morning, while others are done in the middle of the afternoon. It depends mostly on the reason you are holding the event.

If you are organizing a cocktail party for a business celebration, then it is best held during evenings. Meanwhile, if you are doing a launch or an inauguration, then these are ideally done during the day. You just have to plan your activity properly.

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