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Do you want to have a taste of Europe? If you have been dreaming to set foot on the soils of Europe but because you lack the funds, you just keep it off, now is the time to do it. Europe has just so many amazing and exquisite tourist spots to offer. You will never get enough from this 6th largest continent in this planet as with its 47 countries, you can have a time of your life in an affordable way! Can’t believe it? Well, this might be too good to be true but this time, this is really true.

Yes, and you should be grateful to Sunway for making this possible. Now, you can have a tour of Europe in a cheaper way because they got you covered. They offer inclusive deals to all their customers and this means, you only pay once and everything is already included like your accommodation, your meals, snacks and even drinks at that! Not only that, your flights are covered as well. So, who says that you can’t explore the world if you don’t have that much money? Indeed the world is really at your fingertips with Sunway!


Here are the best places you can choose in Europe:


This autonomous region in Italy has just a lot to offer. Some of the places you can first check are:

  • Aeolian Islands – this is where you can experience beaches and cuisine that are really exceptional. For these islands, it is best to go during warmer months as they are the most appealing.
  • Agrigento – this is what they call the Valley of Temples. Here you will see a number of temples such as the Temple if Concord and many others.


Though this is an African Country, this is still quite close to Europe Geographically. Here are some of the best things you can do in Morocco:

  • Have you seen blue streets as well as blue buildings? Well, you will only see this in Morocco thus you should not miss the experience of strolling the blue streets in Chefchaouen.
  • Do you want to head back home already an expert in the cuisine of Morocco? Yes, that is quite possible and becoming an expert will only take you about half a day. That is right and this is made possible by a number of Riads in Morocco.


This is one of the Canary Islands in Europe and you should enjoy choosing this island because of the following:

  • Checking out the biggest theme part in Lanzarote which is the Rancho Texas Park. Here you can enjoy with some of their activities like pony rides and still a lot more.
  • You can also check Timanfaya National Park, Cesar Manrique Foundation and more.

Yes, Sunway indeed has you covered! You can even click here to see more as they still have a lot to offer. Now you can plan to explore the world with your entire family.

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