America’s most haunted places: The Spooky places that will scare the hell out of you

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The world is a strange place where numerous paranormal and supernatural activities are said to happen. Due to these activities, some specific places are declared to be haunted. All over the world, the existence of haunted and spooky places are revealed even when most people are skeptical and do not believe in the paranormal or supernatural. There are numerous cities, which are well known for their paranormal activity. America’s most haunted places include the following cities: New Orleans, Baltimore, San Antonio, Savannah and numerous other popular cities.

About 25 percent of the world’s population believes in the paranormal. Sometimes the government even declares a place haunted, in instills certain restrictions, precautions and essential measures are taken to prevent injury and harm in such locations.

Two most haunted places in America: New Orleans and Baltimore

 New Orleans: New Orleans is popular for it’s haunted places and paranormal existence along with its vast history and mythological beliefs in vampires, witches and warlocks. New Orleans encapsulates the vast vampiric and ghostly history, tragedies, catastrophes, massive destructions and deaths and became the center of ghost houses, haunted places, spooky mansions and gothic city. The French Quarters is the most well known place for ghosts. On Royal Street, you can find LaLaurie House, where starved and beaten slaves were burnt alive. The place is spooky: ghostly apparitions are seen in and around the premises. Another haunted location includes the La Pavilion Hotel, where a paranormal research team witnessed four ghosts. Other haunted locations in New Orleans includes: St. Louis cemetery, Canal Street, The Sultans Place in the French Quarter, Monteleone Hotel and so on.

Baltimore, Maryland: Baltimore, Maryland is another popular horrifying city where there are numerous haunted places. Haunted locations include: Fells Point, Club Charles, Fort McHenry National Monument and Westminster Hall. Maryland‘s terrifying places include the following locations: Spooky Hill, Maryland State House, and Hager House.


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