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We had a very happy tour to Indonesia with Antilog Vacations. We made our bookings in Meritus Pelangi beach resort. It was very good indeed and we considered ourselves lucky to have made the booking there and no where else. The place was recommended to us by a friend of my husband. So we trusted his words and went ahead. For your easiness you can also visit at Antilog Vacations Reviews.


The place was extremely peaceful and beautiful. Very convenient to port from the airport to the resort. It is at a short ride’s distance for there. Located on a spot where you’ll find every kind of entertainment – food, music, shops, etc. outside close by.

The resort in itself was sufficient for us if talking in terms of facilities and amenities. There were two pools and both of them maintained hygienically. The staff was very cooperative and friendly. They always seem to be on the go for helping guests and people.

Our room on the ground floor opened in from of the swimming pool. It was well spaced out and immaculate. There was everything that we needed. The AC worked well, there was a tea/coffee maker and a well working TV too. The bed was grand and comfortable. The view from the window was also nice. We could see the beach.

The resort has a private beach. We often used to go there. Strolling barefoot on the sands was a remarkable experience. Nevertheless, we loved lounging on the chairs engulfing the views caught some on the camera too).

The restaurant in the hotel was not nice. It was workable but we didn’t find anything extraordinary. The chef didn’t come up with any creative cuisines of his own but all that we consumed there, it was delicious. Would recommend it to all. It is a nice place to spend the vacation or take a break off the schedules and be here. For your help (Antilog Vacations Review) about the services of best tour operators.

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