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Have you planned a day trip to Pisa? This tiny Tuscan town is small and pretty, and can be visited in a single day from Florence or from Livorno, as one of the best shore excursion in Italy.

Pisa is known throughout the world mainly for its Leaning Tower, but actually is the home of many interesting sights.

Just outside the station, if you’ll reach Pisa by train, the first thing to notice is Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, the administrative heart of the city, from which starts Corso Italia, the most important and famous road in Pisa, a true heaven for shopping lovers!

Leaving behind Piazza del Carmine and Piazza della Pera you get to the famous Loggia dei Banchi, just across the Ponte di Mezzo on the Arno River. You can walk along the “Lungarni”, the streets that run along the river, filled with many bars and restaurants.


These streets are a popular meeting places for who live in Pisa, while for visitors they are the perfect place where chill out and enjoy a nice walk, admiring the architectural and historical treasures of the city.

Along the Lungarno Mediceo, best known for the Palazzo Medici, also known as Palazzo Vecchio, there is the Church of St. Matthew and the National Museum, which houses important works of internationally renowned art and Italian artists.

A few steps away there’s Borgo Stretto, surrounded by loggias and galleries, that is not to be missed. From there you can easily reach the famous Cathedral Square, with the famous Tower, the Baptistry, the Cathedral and the monumental cemetery.

The cathedral is a wonderful example of Pisan Romanesque architecture, the white-gray marble facade decorated with polychrome marbles, creating a great impression. The interior, however, is made with whites and blacks marbles.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, rising about 50 meters, is known worldwide for its unintended tilt on one side. This is because the ground is too soft and therefore inadequate to support the structure and the weight of the tower, and this was evident from the beginning, even before it was finished.

A flaw that makes this place unique all over the world, and every year attracts millions of people in the city. Across the square you will also find the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, which houses various works of art and statues, and the Museum of Sinopie.

At the end of your day trip to Pisa you can get back to Florence safely in just one hour, or to the cruise ship terminal of Livorno in less than 30 minutes, ready for another amazing day along the Mediterranean shores.

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