Experience Albania: impressive landmarks and great things to do in Albania

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The Mediterranean country, Albania is filled with the picturesque scenery along the Adriatic and Ionian coasts. Slowly, this place is becoming popular among the national and international tourists because of the beautiful sceneries, castles, ancient mountains, wonderful beaches and archaeological sites. Many of the Albania landmarks are better known for their unique attractions such as old city of Gjirokastër and ruins in Butrint while there are many more impressive landmarks in Albania. One should definitely do some research to explore popular and hidden attraction and landmarks of Albania.


Know about most impressive landmarks in Albania

In this country, stone fortifications were built by Greeks, Romans, osmans, communists and venetians including many others. Some of the castles are also known for its tremendous history all round the world like Krujë Castle and Berat Castle. This place is also known for its natural landmarks and some of the caves like konispol cave, maja arapit cave, Pëllumbas Cave. The dark blue natural pool in Vlorë is powerful spring country. You would surely like to visit the ancient cities or man-made landmarks such as apollonian, buthrotum, byllis, Christian churches and monasteries including medieval cities like old city of berat and old city of Gjirokastër. Albania is not only about is natural charm and beauty but people can also experience its modern lifestyle, culture and even traditional food. This impressive place also offers the people to experience most exciting things to do in the gorgeous destinations. The sightseeing views and beautiful beaches are really breath taking.

Know about exiting things to do in Albania

Mountain climbing and hiking in Albania

People interested in the outdoor camping can prefer visiting the mountainous regions as these are perfect and most attractive. You would surely like to experience Albania hiking and mountain climbing. Albania offers many opportunities to experience and exercise trekking and mountain climbing. The major areas of climbing are in the Alps and including many others like Jezerca Mountain of hekuri, lura in dibra, Tomori Mountain in berat and Gjinari Mountain in elbasan.

Exploration of caves and mountain biking tours

Mountain biking tours are the special activity in the mountainous areas. You can also carry some of the sports equipments along you. In the Albanian Alps some of the tours are also organized in Theth, Bogë, Vermosh including many more. People can also take participation in the bicycle tours.

Know about the water sport activities

For many of the inhabitants, sports fishing is the major source of income while people find it interesting too.  Activities like horse riding is practiced in the districts those who have high quality breed of horse.  Definitely, you can also participate in many other activities such as swimming, under water diving, horse riding, fishing, paragliding and different water sports. Water sports are mainly held in the attractive valleys such as rafting that have number of streams and rivers. These rafting tours or games may also include routes of the wonderful canyons. Many of the regions are allotted for the sports games and interesting activities. The geographical range of this sport is quite interesting that combines nature of each spot including traditional, natural and historical element.

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