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Perhaps you’ve heard about baggage shipping which leaves you as a holidaymaker free to travel without luggage and to have the peace of mind that your suitcases will be there on your arrival at your destination, whether that’s a holiday home, cottage, gite or to a cabin onboard ship prior to your cruise.

You’ve possibly dismissed this as a luxury that may not be worth the cost and dissuaded yourself from its utter practicality. It’s time for a rethink.


What will people think of this act of decadence?

If you use a luggage delivery service people around you will be green with envy.

As soon as you return from your holiday a long queue of your neighbours will form wanting the details of how and who you booked your luggage services and logistics with. They’ll wonder why they didn’t think of this for their last holiday.

Only the Queen doesn’t carry her own luggage on holiday!

Really? That’s not the luggage services and logistics firms’ experience. An ever increasing number of people see baggage shipping as a stress free and practical solution for them.

It’s not only the wealthy, landed gentry and royals who don’t cart luggage around with them. Luggage delivery services are intended for everyone.

Do you deserve this luxury?

Yes. It may be a luxury and companies like the premier European luggage services and logistics provider, Tefra-bag, believe that luxury is part of the holiday experience. That’s a great belief, why not share it? You’ve worked hard for your relaxation time.

You’ve managed for years without baggage shipping.

People managed for years without washing machines but that doesn’t mean we should still be washing our laundry in streams.

Progress in transportation, technology and communications mean that this step forward in logistics is affordable, desirable and that no one needs to carry suitcases around with them as they make their way to their holiday destination or home again.

Yes, you hurt your back a few weeks ago but you’ll manage.

Why take the risk? If you think that you might damage your health, then the small price tag for baggage shipping is well worth it and it costs considerably less than the specialist treatment of a chiropractor. The same rule applies for other post injury limbs.

Don’t take a step backwards in recovery. Trust a luggage services and logistics specialist who wants to get your luggage from A to B with maximum efficiency.

Isn’t booking baggage shipping a statement that you’re getting on a bit?

Many customers use luggage services and logistics specialists because it allows them to enjoy their holiday from the second that they leave home until the moment they get back to their own door.

Baggage shipping isn’t about age, health, wealth or capabilities. It is about enjoyment. You want to luxuriate in every single moment of your holiday and shipping your luggage ahead to your destination means that you can.

If you still have arguments that you can’t use luggage delivery services, banish them!

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