Plan the Perfect Honeymoon in Tuscany

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The central region of Italy is where Tuscany can be found and many people find themselves drawn to the area for their honeymoon. Couples seem to love the ambiance of the countryside as well as the historical and cultural attractions that are found there.

Romance is always in the air in Italy and there is nothing better than couples spending part of their honeymoon in Tuscany, walking along the beach seeing the sun set over the water.  Honeymooning couples can choose from any number of Tuscan beaches including Spiaggia delle Marze, Cala Violina, and Cala di Forno.  For more expansive views, couples can visit Capraia Isle’s lighthouse, old jail or port tower for breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding area.


A honeymoon in Tuscany means both adventure and relaxation and the former can be accomplished with a day at the hot springs.  There are many natural hot springs in San Filippo, Saturnia, and Petriolo and couples are encouraged to choose one with a nearby waterfall to enhance their experience.  If couples choose to soak in the springs during the evening hours, they can increase the romance in the air by lighting a few candles to surround them and the hot springs.  

Long walks through the vineyards of Tuscany are breathtaking, romantic, and extraordinary.  Couples will want to pack a picnic lunch to eat while sitting in the middle of nature enjoying the solitude.  Of course, anyone who wanders through vineyards will also want to take a wine tour or two.  Couples will learn how some of the best wine in the world is made and it is almost guaranteed that they will find a new favorite. 

The countryside may be spectacular, but Tuscan cities offer architecture and artwork that cannot be found anywhere else.  Couples will venture down the cobblestone streets as they visit one historical building after another and enjoy the simple life that is lived in Tuscany.  

Food is as important as everything else in Tuscany and couples will find that the locals eat simple foods that are delicious and filling.  An example of a simple meal would include bread, cheese, vegetables, fresh fruit, and of course, wine.  Wine is served at every meal except for breakfast and the type of wine that is chosen for each meal compliments the foods that are served perfectly.  

A honeymoon in Tuscany is a wonderful adventure that couples can go on as they are starting their life together.  The best thing about Tuscany is that there is something for all couples to do, no matter what type of honeymoon they are looking for.  When using RoutePerfect, you can be sure that your honeymoon in Tuscany will be nothing short of magical.  

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