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Bus offers Airport Transfer from Prague Airport. Shuttle shared low direct cost to the city center.

METRO PRAGUE, a quick way to travel around Prague, is clean and is very effective. Tickets are available at any subway station, at your hotel, etc. Must be purchased before entering the subway, and entering respectively into a razor to mark the entry with the date and time. The Prague Metro network consists of a total of 54.7 km. The three lettered lines and color (A – green, B – yellow, C – red) have a total of 54 stations, of which three (Můstek, Muzeum and Florenc) are in correspondence.

PRAGUE trams, a way of traveling somewhat slower, but magnificent, because it allows you to see more. In all tram stops is a list of each of the lines with your schedule.


BUSES: As the Prague metro system and trams is very good quality, buses are not used much. Buses operate primarily in the outlying parts of the city. The hours of operation are relatively regular, daily from 5 am until midnight. The rates are also very low. During the night, rather than daily buses from midnight to 5 am operate “night buses” at intervals of 30 minutes.

TAXIS: Prague is divided into three sectors where several companies operate taxi services, some offer phone book. There are also illegal taxi drivers, who are famous for taking advantage of tourists by charging a premium.

Tip: Use the only official and professional Prague airport transfers.

What is the Best Way to Find your hotel?

The easiest way is to visit the website of the Prague Public Transport and search for public transport connections. You may need to use the Czech names of stations / stops:

Main train station in Prague

Central Bus Station Florenc

Prague Airport – Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 (depending on where it comes from or where you go)

Destination: Enter your address or hotel: use the name of the hotel or jot down the street address and choose the hotel menu. The system will find the nearest stop.

If you prefer direct transportation to your hotel, you may want to make a pre-reservation for a transfer from the airport or train station online. That will give the assurance that, upon arrival you will be greeted by your driver.

Prague Airport

International Airport Prague Ruzyně, is approximately 17 km from the city center.

When you enter the metro, beware actors posing as inspectors travel tickets. They may approach you to ask you to let them see your ticket, and then tell you that you must pay a fine. If this happens, tell them to call the police or do it yourself. A real inspector always will show his badge to get close to you, so if you do not have plaque, it is more likely that you’re shortchanging.

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