Romantic Destinations for a Honeymoon in Italy

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Weddings are very stressful, so by the time the I do’s are over, every couple is ready for some relaxation and stress free fun.  While there are many places throughout the world that offer both of these options, a honeymoon in Italy is all of that and much more.  Some couples may want to stay in one city during their honeymoon, but when in Italy, it is sometimes better to travel from city to city. However, planning a fully packed romantic trip up and down the coast of a country you’ve never stepped foot in may be quite difficult, which is why trip planning companies (such as RoutePerfect) exist. This allows people to see more and do as many romantic activities as possible.  

Nonetheless, if a couple were to decide to stay in just one city when in Italy, their choice should be Venice.  It is the ultimate city for both romance and beauty.  There are numerous waterways throughout the city and one of the best ways to travel from one place to another is by gondola.  Couples can experience the beauty of the city during the day as they ride to shopping areas and romance will be in the air during any trips at night under the stars. 


Wineries are everywhere in Tuscany, so couples can choose to go on as many wine tours as they desire.  In between the tours, couples may want to walk along the cobblestone streets as they look at the architecture of the buildings they pass on the way to see some famous artwork.  Despite all of the details that make Tuscany unique, everyone who visits this city finds themselves calm and at peace.

One of the busiest cities in the entire country is Naples, so many honeymooners may not want to stay quite so long in this city.  During the day in Naples, many couples will find themselves in the sun and the sand on the beach or shopping at one of the many shops and boutiques that line the streets.  Nighttime is a little different as the nightlife is amazing to say the least.  

Quieter days can be experienced in Piedmont where the Alps can be seen in the distance.  The entire area is filled with castles and palaces that only add to the history and beauty of the town.  Another area of Italy that is not visited by many tourists is Cilento.  Cilento is where couples will want to visit for true Italian traditions, cultures, and food.  

No one can possibly visit Italy without making a stop in Rome to see the Coliseum, the Pantheon, and the Spanish Steps.  During a honeymoon, a couple’s romance is still never-ending and the numerous street vendors in Rome make it easy to purchase a bouquet of flowers or another little gift to give one another.  

A honeymoon in Italy can be planned specifically for every couple and no two honeymoons could ever be alike.  That is one of the amazing things about Italy and the reason why it is popular for honeymooners.  

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