Top 5 Experiences of Lithgow, Australia

Located on the western side of the Blue Mountains region, Lithgow is a city that is filled with majestic views of the natural world and richness in culture and history. When visiting the Blue Mountains on a trip to New South Wales, it is a great choice to make a day trip to Lithgow and enjoy experiences like these:

Hassans Walls Lookout

This lookout provides some of the most amazing views of the Blue Mountains area, because it’s the highest one there is in that region at a height of 1,100m above sea level. Spin around and take in the scenery that includes the surrounding Mount York, Mount Blaxland, Mount Tarana, Mount Wilson and the Hartley Valley.

Hassan Walls Lookout can be enjoyed by completing a walk

Lake Lyell

The lake is a great place for a day out with recreational activities such as fishing, kayaking, boating and waterskiing. There’s public facilities available at Lake Lyell Recreation Park, such as barbecues, toilets and powered sites. It’s a perfect picnic spot where you can enjoy nature in Lithgow. Hire a kayak and go for a paddle around the lake. Keep in mind that a fishing licence is required for all fishing activities and there are catch limitations that you have to follow.

Glen Davis Ruins

The Glen Davis Ruins was once the site of the Glen Davis Shale Oil Works, which was a producer of shale oil during the war times. The buildings have fallen apart and the crumbling leftovers are overrun with vegetation. You can explore the site through a tour which runs at 2pm on Saturdays.

Glow Worm Tunnel

What is now known as the Glow Worm Tunnel at Lithgow was once a railway line tunnel to the oil shale works at Newnes. The tunnel goes for 400m and is not lit, so it would be wise to bring a torch to make it through the tunnel. Look at the walls and the ceiling – you’ll find glow worms. These are actually the larvae of fungus gnats, which produce a blue glow from their bodies due to a chemical reaction.

Park your car at the carpark and take a 3km walk to the tunnel along the original railway. Otherwise you can take the easier route by driving closer to where there’s a vehicle barrier which shortens the walk to 1km.

Birdwatching at Capertee Valley

Recognised as an Important Bird Area (IBA), the Capertee Valley is amongst the top 50 in the world in terms of birdwatching location. To best enjoy what the area has to offer, you should go on the Capertee Valley Bird Trail which takes you across 19 bird-watching sites. This is a road trail that has been mapped out for you and almost all sites are accessible with 2WD vehicles with the exception of site 8 which may require 4WD after heavy rainfall. At Capertee Valley you’ll encounter plenty of woodland bird species such as the regent honeyeater and red-rumped parrot, whom thrive in these areas.

There are a wide array of lithgow accommodation available to suit any type of traveller and visitor. Visitors can opt for hotels, motels, caravan parks to even camp grounds for those that want to be closer to nature. These are just the minimum of activities to do and see while in the area, going even a step further will open a plethora of options that will make you want to stay longer and keep you busy.

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