Why Serviced Apartments Could be a Better Option for Your Next Vacation or Business Trip

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If you are reading this, I’m guessing that you are looking into accommodation options for your next vacation or business trip. In days gone by, the only option that probably sprung to mind when looking to book accommodation would have been hotel. Today, there is an alternative that offers better facilities, more comfort and is often cheaper too – a serviced apartment.

It’s increasingly common for serviced apartments to offer short stay durations as well as long stays. As more and more serviced apartments spring up in cities and resorts around the world, the range and flexibility of accommodation options available to today’s traveller extends all the time.

So what exactly is a serviced apartment? It is essentially a fully furnished apartment that is serviced by housekeeping (often weekly), just like a hotel room but better. The apartments provide guests with more flexibility, more comfort, more space and a home-from-home experience for their stay, when compared to a cramped hotel room.

Here are just four of the key reasons why more and more travellers are opting to stay in a serviced apartment, when in the past they have opted for a hotel:

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4 Key Advantages Offered By Apartments Over Hotels

A Larger Comfortable Living Space

The most obvious, and many would consider to be the biggest, benefit of an apartment is that you get more space. In fact, you typically enjoy 40% more space in your average serviced apartment than you do in your average hotel room.

Segregated Living Spaces

Most serviced apartments have a separate kitchen, dining room, bathroom, lounge and bedroom as standard. Segregated living spaces and proper rooms is the primary reason that you enjoy a ‘home away from home’ experience in an apartment. Obviously, with separate living spaces you can eat, sleep, relax and work in separate rooms.

Flexibility and Freedom

With a fully furnished kitchen and a proper dining room at your disposal, you can dine in and even entertain guests at your leisure. Unlike your typical hotel, where you are tied to specific meal times, you can choose when to eat and even when to get dressed! Just like at home, you can have a lazy day in your PJ’s in a serviced apartment – the choice truly is yours.

It’s Often Cheaper!

Statistics show that it is typically 30% cheaper to stay in a serviced apartment than in a hotel. You normally pay a rate for the apartment not the number of guests or beds. The savings for families and groups can therefore be significant. Usually, the price you see is the price you end up paying in an apartment too. Unlike a typical hotel, where the add-ons and extras add up, there should be no hidden costs, no add-ons and everything should be inclusive in the advertised cost of your apartment.

These are just some of the reasons why more travellers than ever are choosing serviced apartments over a hotel. You can read more about why serviced apartments are better than hotels here –


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